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online ordering, contactless digital
and loyalty

Give guests a safer way to order and pay.

The only thing we can’t do,
is press this button FOR YOU.

Our Partners — join the best of them

Eighty-six your third-party

Accept every order from everywhere with an in-house solution that keeps the profits in your pocket.

Serve up a better ordering experience

App users order nearly 3x more often than web users, so why not use Snackpass, the fastest growing emerging food marketplace app in the US? We worked with our restaurant partners to design it from the ground up. Oh, and we made it social, which means more customers for you.
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Put your menu online in half the time

Just like dating, everyone’s doing it online now. Get your guests from search bar to checkout faster with a great web experience and gain the ability to retarget these previously one-order customers.
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Multiply your workforce not your payroll

Dine-In? Takeout? We’ve got you covered. Offer guests the option to order and pay on their own, contact free, meaning employees can focus on making delicious food. And with automatic up-sells, you’ll see order sizes increase by 30%—better than your top server’s best day.
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Hire the employee of every month

We’re not after anyone’s job, but running a restaurant is expensive. Our touch-screen kiosks cut costs and lengthy lines. Let guests order like no one’s watching–extra fries, anyone?—but get purchase analytics because you totally are. And since it’s one platform, guests earn points in-store too.

Run the restaurant of tomorrow, today

Understanding your needs is our signature dish. We make it easy to adapt & grow your business.

It’s time for a sales checkup

We get it. Looking through analytics feels like visiting your dentist. But it doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Get everything you need to know—from best selling items to peak business hours—at a glance. Or dive deeper into the full sales report to understand your customers in new ways.
Learn to love charts >

Reward your most loyal customers

Devoted guests spend more on average than new ones. Whether they’re online or in-store a built in rewards solution is the one-two punchcard your business needs to capture customer info for marketing and incentivize repeat orders.
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Don’t let your guests ghost you

Run targeted promotions and automated retention
emails to bring YOUR customers back. Choose from over
30 promo types like BOGOs, first time purchase, student discounts, or limited supply deal drops. And measure campaign impact on your analytics dashboard. Our data
is your data.
See all promotions types >

We work with your POS so you don’t have to

Our engineers did some wizardry to make sure every order automatically gets punched into the system as if an employee did it—minus any possibility of typos or delays.

À la carte pricing that scales with you

Already have another service? We’re sorry. Customize your plan and just pay for what you need.

Mobile App

Ask us how you can get
7% commission!
· User friendly UX
· Built in loyalty points program
· Trending restaurants & food option
· Optional professional photography of meal offerings

Online Ordering

+ $200 activation fee
· Website order button
· Your brand
· Schedule ahead
· Catering
· Custom websites available

Digital Menus

+ $40/mo
· Pro Signage Kit
· QR Window Posters
· QR A-Frame
· QR Table Stickers / Table Signs
· Co-branded
· Online order & pay


per kiosk
+ $150/location/mo
· Floor standing or countertop
  display hardware
· Priority Customer Service
· Device insurance
· Regular software updates
· In-store customer retargeting
Contact for additional Services: White label app, custom restaurant landing page, custom pickup signage and more...
Standard CC processing fees apply across all products.

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