Everything you need to run your restaurant.
With self-serve kiosk, online ordering, and turnkey websites, Snackpass helps you grow your business so you can focus on creating amazing food.
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Self-serve Kiosk
Online Ordering
Instant Websites
Order Routing
Smart Phone System
Branded Mobile App

Empowering restaurants like yours


Top-of-the-line experience that boosts the bottom line.

Cut labor costs and serve more guests, faster with a self-order system that works at the speed you do.
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Increase staff efficiency with intuitive, self-service kiosks.

Guests can easily customize their orders, and employees are free to run the kitchen and improve customer experience in new ways.

See your revenue grow with smarter menus.

With beautiful photography, let guests buy with their eyes. Increase ticket size by 10-20%–and kiosks never forget to upsell.

Optimize your space and improve order flow.

With flexible kiosks designed to fit any store layout, keep lines moving and reduce wait time by up to 40%.

Food, the universal language, now in every language.

Your food brings people together. Increase order accuracy and customer satisfaction with intuitive menus and language translation.

Online Ordering

Sell where your customers are with branded online ordering.
Serve your hungry digital guests without the profit-eating commission of traditional food apps.
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In-store is only part of the story.

Guests ordering directly from your site are less-likely to be swayed by competitors on 3rd party sites.

Stand out from the crowd.

Attract new customers by boosting your web presence and give regulars a more-convenient way to order favorites with just a click.

Whether you're a Mom & Pop or Papa John's.

Start selling in seconds with an out-of-the-box website and flexible solutions that scale as your business grows.

Finally, a catering system that caters to you.

Thoughtfully-designed to help your staff manage incoming orders, adjust menus, and keep track of pickup deadlines.

Instant Websites

Open your digital front door with beautiful turnkey sites.

Launch your website in just a few clicks so you can get back to running your business.
Secure your domain
Serve content that converts.

Today’s diners expect menus, reviews, and photos before they make a decision. We’ll help you get everything online and in their search results.

Less time answering questions.

Provide essential store info like location, menus, hours, and upcoming events.

Take orders online and in-store.

Run your restaurant your way. Snackpass syncs your in-person and online orders so your menu is always up to date.

Create a local identity.

Add enticing photos and guest reviews to establish trust, and give customers an idea of what they can expect when they visit.

Order Routing

All of your orders, in one place.

When you join Snackpass, Chowly/Onzway are included so you can manage orders from a single tablet and printer.
Online ordering integration that bridges the gap between third-party systems and existing restaurant point-of-sale systems.
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Auto-confirm orders, manage all orders from a single tablet and printer, and get real time updates.
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Smart Call System

Pickup orders without picking up your phone.

Snackpass Voice greets customers, provides essential information and helps guests place orders faster.
Friendly, customized greetings.

Answer callers with pre-recorded messages from professional voice artists.

Everything guests need to know.

Provide store hours, location, and direct guests to easily order online without using staff time.

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Branded Mobile App

Your menu, within thumb's reach.

Stay ahead of the competition with an iPhone and Android app customized for your restaurant.
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Your Brand.

We tailor the app to your restaurant to include your logo and match your aesthetic.

Powered by Snackpass.

Bring your menu and we take care of the rest, providing a delightful user experience that compliments your web and in-store offerings.

10% higher order frequency.

Restaurants with an app see a boost in customer loyalty with customers returning to order more often.

Marketing Solutions

Engage your customers
with new insights.

We leverage data to help you communicate more effectively with new customers, regulars and everyone in between.
Start growing your business
Push your business further.

Communicate directly with thousands of students through emails and push notifications right on their phones.

Turn your down time into prime time.

Run targeted promos to based on customer segments like students, single-purchase customers, or regulars and incentivize orders during off-peak hours.

Expand your brand.

Reach customers who wouldn’t normally discover your restaurant with campus takeovers, spotlight placement, and our growing network of college ambassadors.

Full-service solutions.

By analyzing your business and target demographics, we take the guesswork out of growth with custom campaigns that fit the university’s culture.

Turn walk-ins into regulars.

Capture phone numbers and incentivize repeat orders with custom promos and reward programs.

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